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Wooden curved surfaces for Bengaluru residence

Bengaluru-based architecture and design firm AJ Architects has designed The Mood Box, a revamped residence from an old villa in the city. The client brief was to modernise the structure, and make it a contemporary home with a vibrant material corresponding to the clients’ socio-cultural and economic aspirations.

Being a renovation project, burnt bricks have been reused from the industrial kiln apart from wood, plywood and other materials. They are placed in a rat-trap bond manner to reduce the ambient temperature and allow the firm to plan the service areas accordingly.

A large tribal art welcomes the visitor at the entrance, leading to the living areas. Natural wood and curved surfaces are a favorite with the living and lounge area and have been used in the television unit. While the wood maintains the soothing atmosphere, the surface ripples reflect vibrancy. The backlit fabric adds color and texture to the area and reveals the art pieces. Free-flowing spaces are included in the lounge area with curved elements, which are positioned at 90 degrees. These curves are further broken into small ribbed patterns, and the distressed look of the bar storage adds to the overall visual appeal.

An extended kitchen was planned on the south-eastern corner of the property, and constructed with wire-cut burnt bricks to add a rustic contour to the façade. A play of natural and vibrant colors and materials lend a contemporary yet cozy atmosphere to the house. White marble backdrop is used for the puja room, which is balanced with semi-precious stones such as lepis and mother-of-pearl. The presence of the water body accentuates the uber-luxurious and serene atmosphere.

The master bedroom features a full-height copper-and-leather-finished wardrobe and bed with backlit stainless steel jaali accentuating its luxury. Peach and teal consisted of the major colors used for the daughter’s room, with a castle of arches and color-changing strip lighting with semi-circular light fixtures on the ceiling. The son’s room had a bold yellow-and-dark-blue color scheme, with minimal furniture to enable space for hangouts and other activities.