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White community marble table for Mumbai restaurant

Mumbai-based design consultancy firm Ashiesh Shah Architecture + Design has designed the Sequel, a restaurant that encompasses a ‘wabi-sabi’ aesthetic. The concept refers to an acceptance of imperfection, incompletion and transience. Outdoor planters cast in white stone, have been shaped and polished to perfection.

Grey interiors charm the Mumbai monsoons with its fresh design, yet emitting a ‘farm to fork’ experience that contrasts with the handmade colors, textures, and crafts. French windows invite a multi-sensory experience as light reflects off the handcrafted raku-glazed ceramic tiles designed as benches. An alabaster pendant, by the windows, overlooks the flowered frangipanis.

A white marble community table is the centerpiece with small rattan-covered table lamps overlooking the open kitchen and a brass-clad dado. It is surrounded by Chandigarh stools in grained grey, lit up by sconces and pendant lights textured with a Giacometti bronze finish and hand-molded alabaster. A large elliptical light with frosted-acrylic is suspended from the ceiling, illuminating the plaster-textured walls finished with a smooth curved edge.

Rigid and uneven flooring synchronize with the rest of the interiors through an extensive process of pouring and curing. Rough walls, cane chairs, cold tiles, and vertically-stacked channapatna beads wrap around the curvilinear service counters.