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Welcoming ambiance for Delhi restaurant

New Delhi-based architectural and design consultancy firm Chromed Design Studio has designed the premium restaurant One 8 Commune. The theme was to exude a welcoming ambiance where people can enjoy delicious food and have a good time with their friends. Inviting people from varied tastes and backgrounds, the design vocabulary is a mix of subtle finishes and bright accents.

The façade is a combination of double-heighted grey wainscoting panels and a white terrazzo gate, which adds to the sophistication factor. The diners are greeted by a bar on the left, made of in situ terrazzo with brass inlay logo. The neon-infused space has a staircase with golden round lamps hanging asymmetrically from the ceiling.

An illuminated scoreboard displays the scores of the ongoing popular sports events such as cricket, tennis, and badminton. The dining bar has a purple-and-plum color palette complementing the simplistic furniture. The space is further divided by a suspended steel staircase to cater to the privacy requirements that most diners prefer. Moreover, they can choose between a covered, open and semi-open balcony setting. The major service areas such as the kitchens and washrooms have been built on the upper level for privacy.