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Upgrade for the workspace

Workspace furniture innovator Sunon has developed three new products for the Indian market: Aveza and H’UP office chairs, and the UP1 Height Adjustable Table. Michael Gao, VP Sunon Group, says, “We are committed to creating a great work environment for the leading organizations of the world. With the boom in office spaces, India is becoming one of the most important markets for us. In collaboration with Sunon European R&D Center and our design partners from Europe, we have designed three new products which have been launched in India. Our vision is to upgrade the work experience for our clients.”

Thus, H’UP (seen in the picture) is equipped with a backrest that follows and molds itself according to one’s spinal pattern and is adjustable within a range of 50 mm and covers 130 mm in height difference. Designed by Italian design firm Claudio Bellini, H’UP has a backrest and armrest with synchronized tilting mechanism and an elastic headrest to provide the user with a comfortable and adjustment-free sitting experience.

Aveza, designed by the German design studio Formand Brand, draws inspiration from the wings of a soaring bird. It is a chair that swings flexibly while keeping its balance, helping the user to break out of his or her sedentary work style and adding more dynamism to the work life.

UP1, an innovative solution to change work postures, reminds the user to switch between sitting and standing and foster a healthy work culture. Frequently changing body positions helps reduce physical and mental stress, so one can stay engaged, energetic and participative at work. UP1 is considerately designed to allow you to take regular breaks from standing and sitting through a mere hand controller.