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UNESCO heritage railway station to be redeveloped in India

Charbagh Railway Station in Lucknow, UP, is being redeveloped by the Delhi-based Creative Group. Under this proposal, Creative Group has provided comprehensive urban designing and master planning services for Charbagh and its precinct. The new proposal envisions a mixed use development complete with commercial and residential plots along the precinct. It is one of the first ‘heritage railway stations’ to be redeveloped in India.

Once ready, Charbagh Station will have retail, commercial, residential and office lots. The design promises a high level of sustainability by providing maximum daylight, natural ventilation, green space, the use of solar panels, ideal orientation to minimize heat gain, green courtyards, and shaded walkways.

With green spaces already envisioned in its original ‘char bagh’ (four gardens) design, the precinct will have stepped garden terraces, green roofing systems, green pedestrian walkways, central green courts and green leisure spaces. The entire precinct stands out in terms of its scale, layout, style and quality with functional efficiency. The seamless connectivity network, and landscape design manicured with greens makes for a vibrant and active place for the passengers, office goers, shoppers and the people residing in the precinct.

The redevelopment of transit architecture is not without its challenges as it must be done without interruption in the functionality of infrastructure.

The aim of this development is to establish an intermodal hub on the grounds of Charbagh. To solve the congestion of passenger traffic in the parental planning, bifurcated entry portals are allotted on the ground level, where vehicular traffic is directly diverted to the basement. This also clears the ground for drop and go service on the ground level itself.

GI metal double standing seam roofs will heighten the structural dynamism of the station on the first level, above ground. This piazza is a myriad module that houses commercial stalls, food courts and sophisticated seating spaces, charging portals, X-Ray scanning zones, kiosks, cloakroom, ATM, VIP lounge, green spaces and other general spaces. To ease the vertical circulation in this widespread structure, travelators are included. From the concourses, foot over bridges (FOB) lead ways to exit the railway station. This relaxes basement arrivals by enabling multiple options to exit the station complex.

Six different plots have been planned to upgrade services offered in the neighborhood of the station. Beginning with a rear entry to the back side of the existing station is Plot 2, beyond the railway tracks. This connects to the main building and above the rail level through an FOB. This decongests passenger traffic and connects the metro station to the primary concourse.

Plot 3 will house commercial spaces, showrooms, corporate offices, hospital and a range of hotels. These services are identified as the most native necessities in public interest.