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Tranquil vibes for vibrant BBQ restaurant

Photographer: Studio NAC

New Delhi-based Design Ethics Architecture Studio has designed The BBQ Company, a live barbeque restaurant. Spatial distribution was important for the project, to reduce the clutter and chaos that would otherwise happen in a live barbeque restaurant.

Spread over 2350 sq. ft., three distinct zones are created: one for private dining and two pockets for general seating, which may be used as needed. White and grey have been kept as the base canvas so that the main prominent color speaks for itself. Only warm tones of browns and nudes have been added to accentuate the furniture upholstery further.

The use of base colors help make the space look larger and spacious, assisted by cool turquoise which imparts a sense of tranquillity to a space constricted by its short height. Turquoise adds a bold accent to the otherwise neutral color palette, which is intended to juxtapose colors in a yin and yang concept. Green plants and creepers add freshness to the space.

Hand-trowelled textures in black and white adorn the walls creating shadows when the light falls upon them. Arched partitions with the strategic use of mirrors create a hide-and-seek playfulness, with handpicked materials that reduce budget yet make the space look aesthetic.