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Salvaged metal use for Ahmedabad office

Hyderabad-based architecture and design firm Vistaar Association has designed the Salvage Pride, a collaborative working space for an infrastructure-based company in Ahmedabad that builds roads and highways.

Three open sides were left open in the 1800 sq ft rectangular site, and the cabins and workspaces were carved out in the central area. Stone walls in the reception area have been carved with passages from the Bhagavad Gita, while a mock gabion structure with openable shutters creates a shoe stand. The desk has been clad with salvaged metal plates to reflect the ‘hands-on’ ethos of the company.

Sheets, nuts, bolts, and metal grilles have been used to construct the workspaces where pin-up boards made of local tie and dye fabric adding color to the grey hues. Rusted shuttering metal plates, screws, spanners, pipes, and gear-clutch plates have been salvaged to create metal handles, shelves, grilles, and joinery. This encourages eco-sustainability and ‘on-site work’, and its pride in them. Natural light was emphasized to energize the spaces, apart from working with space constraints. The angular layout of the workstations visually enlarges the space, despite the deep beams and tiled flooring layout. Adequate ambient lighting allows for an open space, with track and surface-mounted lights instead of a false ceiling.