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Salon and wine bar for Bengaluru


A beauty salon and full service wine bar, Dutta and Kannan Architects in Bengaluru have seamlessly woven this space to accommodate the two uses and lend it to many uses both through night and day.

The narrow, loft-like space has a small mezzanine carved into it overlooking the open space below. A stunning bronze mirror wall creates the illusion of an extended space. The metallic paint on the mezzanine roof further extends this illusion. A subtle, blue wall compliments the bronze mirror wall. The ceiling is a metallic grid, painted in black. Large, hand-blown glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling, with the light bouncing off the bronze mirrors. The wine bar has a beautiful back-lit onyx as a backdrop.

Unlike, a traditional salon where the client faces a wall, the hair stations are designed to encourage socializing. Rotating floor mirrors allow for maximum configurations of space and social interaction. The space allows for different uses throughout the day, from book club events to product launches. By evening, it transforms into a swanky spot for the young to meet and mingle. The space is carefully detailed to cater to all age groups!

The project is a unique design that houses two services seamlessly and has created a new typology in design.

The use of silent flushing pipes, low flow urinals and WC ensures minimal wastage of water. Low VOC paints on the walls and live green planting keeps the quality of indoor air fresh. The design of the open ceiling and strategically located vents ensures there is a constant flow of fresh air and reduces the need to use air conditioning.

The palette mainly comprises of bronze mirror and metallic laminates. This combination, along with concealed lights, ensures the space has a vibrant feel. The azure blue laminate contrasts the highly reflective mirror wall with its matt surface. A wire-cut brick wall forms the backdrop for the rest of the palette. The ceiling is designed to be an open grid and disappears into the matt black ceilings. The backlit resplendent onyx bar sets the tone for the evening. The material palette has been carefully picked to enable the space to go from day to night, seamlessly and with ease.