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Patina-finished micro-concrete racks for Baroda jewellery showroom

Baroda-based architecture and design firm Dipen Gada and Associates have designed the R. Narayan Jewellers showroom, in a boutique approach that would connect with their clients on a personal level. The client wanted to ensure private and semi-private studios that would reflect the identity of each section. Being a two-storeyed building, the firm displayed everyday pieces while the first floor had four studios with an exclusive bridal studio.

Architectural elements were incorporated into the showroom’s interiors to blend with the exterior commercial complex. Grey Italian marble flooring features a unique design created by mosaic and brass inlay, promoting air circulation. Patina-finished micro-concrete racks have been constructed keeping in mind the client’s requirements. A customized jharokha connects the two floors and acts as a highlighting element that invites in the customer. Wooden columns, flooring, and veneer imparts a classic look on the first floor, yet maintains privacy through mirrors and partitions made of MDF. The overall material palette ensures less carbon footprint with the use of recycled material and the inclusion of natural lighting.