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Origami-inspired roof for Gurgaon dog shelter

Photographer: S. Anirudh

Delhi-based architecture and design firm Ant Studio has designed the Karma Animal Foundation, a dog shelter project in Gurgaon. Spread over 2 acres, the Foundation aims to create a holistic shelter that minimizes human interference within the micro-community designed for animals. The client wanted an aesthetic and free-flowing format so that the surplus area could later be utilized to construct a farmhouse.

Accentuated roofs present clean ridgelines and overhanging eaves, which create a ‘mounding’ illusion in a uniform terrain. Inspired by a folded sheet of paper, the construction of the roof imparts the impression of an origami work. From a functional point of view, the roof design creates unrestricted airflow through cross-ventilation while supporting a lightweight framework. Steel joinery details have been facilitated into the framework to achieve the desired configuration. Each piece of joinery had a unique design detail varying in angular positions despite the numerous reflex angles. Relevant tiling material provides thermal insulation, while a brick walkway with green plants between the essential spaces gives an earthy ambience.

Shelters have been built at a considerable distance for the main abutting road, which could house 100 animals. The layout resembles a dog’s kennel and has been achieved through the ingenious use of steel that has been used to administer crisp edges to the organic flow of form.