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Open plenum ceiling for Mumbai bar

Mumbai-based architecture and design firm ESI Design Studio has designed the HOG bar, a commercial bar that is distinguished by its bold colors, pattern, and textures with strong geometrical language. The lounge area has been laid out to maximize the seating area and construct the required openings. All the services were confined to the backend to combat the space constraints, with several grooves with different material finishes. A bright color palette of wine-red, orange and grey is used for the entire bar.

The floor plate is segregated into three spaces, each of them interdependent. Full-height ornate cabinetry at the bar entrance divides the area, allows storage space and acts as a buffer zone between the bar and seating zone. An open plenum ceiling imparts an industrial look, which enables the designer to maximize the room height without constructing a false ceiling. The wine-red framework outlines the entire structure at the top. A graphic element on the wall justifies the raw theme of the bar, with seating space for 48 people.

The L-shaped showcased bar is ornamental support for its striking orange color, which complements the wine-red ceiling. Treated with Kadappa stone with river polish, the counter highlighted with striped lighting beneath and the alternative black-and-white carpet pattern. The central zone comprises two high tables suspended from the ceiling and surrounded by heightened chairs, breaking the monotony in the seating area. Bar stools, cabinets, and tables are placed according to the conventional layout of the bar. An upholstered wooden chair with a backrest and customized fabricated metal legs has been chosen for its rustic look.

The showcase area of the casual seating area has been kept light using mirrors and SS sheets that work around the scarcity of space. The glass shelves at the backdrop showcase the liquor collection, with a mesh structure of MS steel with black-coated pipes. Ambient lighting provides a comforting ambiance and diffuses surface-directed lighting, which expands the height and width of the ceilings and walls respectively. Integrated lighting adds intimacy to the space as well. Lights have been installed to highlight the backdrop as well.