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Old-time Indianness for Hyderabad residence

Hyderabad-based architecture and design firm Vistaar Associates have designed the Botanica Residence in Telangana. The concept required a design that documented the artifact and furniture collection owned by the client, yet without overwhelming the visitor. Accommodating 8000 sq. ft. bungalow into a 4200 sq. ft. of an apartment was a challenge, which reflected his cultural sensibilities.

Thota Vaikutum’s paintings along the surfaces add an understated Indian-ness and break the monotony of custom-designed and contemporary wall spaces. This adds a sense of rootedness and warmth to its interiors. Dual-purpose glass partitions and changes to the original layout give the feel of a larger space to display the collectibles. Vietnam marble and block marble inlay are used for the flooring, with a mix of veneers and deco finishes in the living spaces. The arrangement thus evokes an aura of old-time elegance and openness. Task and mood lighting in the form of chandeliers and soft-toned lights gives a final touch to the client’s well-lived life.