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Non-religious campus promotes spirituality in nature

The campus of the Temple of Consciousness reflects a way of life and gives peace of mind and consciousness to visitors. Natural materials like brick, laterites and granites are used to create flooring and cladding designs and patterns that suit the overall ambience of the place. Grass is allowed to encroach and creep inside the crevices and gaps to give an age-old feel. Natural materials, earthy shades, rustic finishes, grey granites, red porous laterite blocks, wire cut bricks, rock skins and more were put to enhanced use.

The use of natural gradients of over eight meters between the starting and ending creates multiple levels for views and provides a natural water stream that flows all along the walkway. Attention has been paid to detailing in joints, stacking patterns, projections and recesses, gaps, edges, surface finishes, combination of materials, slopes and gradients.

An existing stream has been used in the landscape design by rerouting it along the main approach. Existing trees are also included in the project.