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Neoclassical, modern and botanical theme for Raipur villa

Photographer: Pranav Kalra

New Delhi-based Olives Cre has designed the Raipur Villa, an expansive residential project spread over 6000 sq. ft. representing a transitional philosophy. Each room coexists in a harmonious blend of neoclassical and modern color schemes, patterns, materials, and textures.

Warm fabrics and modern furniture have been used in the project, in combination with molding. A large artwork piece welcomes the visitor to the living space, which is lit up by a candle chandelier. Reminding one of the neoclassical age, the painting fits beautifully with the pastel-colored background. Plush silver and golden-colored sofas provide seating spaces, with two sets of wooden rails house figurines in the background. A corridor adjacent to the living space features two tan-colored couches and a neoclassical painting engulfed in soft lighting from two cylindrical lighting fixtures. A botanical theme is the highlight of the residence, as plants breathe life into interior spaces. Accent botanical wallpapers and art bring natural beauty into the house.

The design extends to the dining room with an eight-seater matching dining table and chair set in beige. Patterned black-and-white tiles in the background flank the wooden element with strategically-placed figurines. A walk-in closet holds an exclusive collection of apparel, shoes, handbags, and personal care products in front of a large mirror lit up by a pendant chandelier suspended from a dark wooden ceiling.

Though the bedrooms follow the same beige color palette, they have accents of navy blue, deep green, light green, and turquoise. Artwork pieces, floor mats, elegant lighting fixtures, and old-fashioned timepieces are constant design elements throughout the project. Local vendors, furniture makers, and artisans were deeply involved in the project, which helped in the selection of mood boards, material samples, and product designs in multiple options.