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Natural beauty and insulation for Bengaluru family home

Bengaluru-based architecture and design firm Alex Jacob Architects designed the Muthoot Residence in New Delhi. The family home is designed for a joint family and adheres to the principles of Vaastu Shastra. The multi-family residence sets aside two rooms for each family, and the strategic cut-outs in the flooring plan highlight the sense of union between the two levels. The 21,000 sq ft area is closely integrated with the local architectural and climactic intricacies with the creative use of different materials.

Stone cladding for the exterior walls is an important aspect of the entire structure, as it helps to alleviate the harsh weather conditions of Delhi. A vertical green wall is constructed on to act as a noise buffer between the residence and the neighbour. Natural timber is used on the terrace pool as opposed to synthetic flooring, thus preventing overheating to a large extent.

The home opens up to a living room and dining room that are interlinked by a passage, which provides a visual connection yet divide between the two spaces. The flooring has been constructed with a diverse set of materials such as Italian marble, solid timber, laminar and carpeting. Plywood and veneer are used for the doors and window panelling, while solid wood is used for the stairs. Toughened laminated tinted glass is used on the windows to shelter the residence from the harsh glare with an equal emphasis on natural light and ventilation.

The entire residence features complete automation and centralised air-conditioning, while the lights run on solar energy. The design selection was done in a manner that brings out a warm and cosy feeling yet makes natural light and comfort as a priority. Also, the colour palette and material selection catered to each member of the family. The home theatre uses dark feature timber which translates into a simple yet elegant setting complementing the heritage nature of the dwelling. The landscaping in the exteriors has been done with Michelia Champa, Plumeria Alba Tree, Umbrella water Plant, Ficus Black Ball Shape, the Golden Bamboo and a Lily Water plant, to name a few.