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Mumbai firm turns shipping containers into portable healthcare units

Mumbai-based KNS Architects has designed the Disaster Management Healthcare Units, an intelligent architectural solution that provides optimum facilities concerning infrastructure in a short response time. For example, may architectural and healthcare organizations have converted stadiums, hotels, and open playgrounds into makeshift hospitals to counter the growth in the number of patients.

Shipping containers are created as portable facilities, which are easy to transport, economic, and can be converted to a habitable environment with a roof surface of over 15,000 sq. ft. Stringent medical and construction regulations are implemented to ensure a fully-operational medical facility in two weeks. Each container is 40 inches by 8 inches, modular in structure, and uses renewable solar energy through solar panels for power regeneration and water heating area. It can be installed in any climate or terrain and can be used in medical emergencies. Necessary electrical, plumbing, fit-outs, and HVAC provisions are incorporated within the module and only calls for on-site execution. All the designs, materials, and finishes are built as per government and healthcare norms with seamless movement of patients, staff, and services within the structure.

Private patient and ‘grateful patient’ wards are reserved for high-profile users and those with special requirements. ‘Grateful patient’ wards would act as fund-raising wards where patients can donate to enhance healthcare for the underprivileged. These units would be exclusive in themselves, and the facility would be further expanded by adding extra patient ward modules.

The disaster management healthcare units can be converted into shelters for the migrant population as it can house thrice the number of people as an accommodation unit as compared to a healthcare facility.