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Luxury oceanliner for Bengaluru industrial plant

Bengaluru-based architecture and design firm KAN Group Associates designed the Industrial Plant for M/s/ Saify Ind. The client demanded a structure that would be a landmark feature within the extensive industrial area 35 km away from the city center. The building has been constructed to accommodate electroplating and electrocoating works plant along with housing its administration and support facilities.

The compound walls have been designed as a light-house, whereas the gate is fashioned in metal to resemble the navigation wheel of a ship. The main enclosure wall was done up with blockwork finished with fine-faced texture, while the inclined walls were built with lightweight Aerocon blocks. The smoke-stack at the top was made of Aerocon block masonry box that had been plastered and painted before use. The chimneys were formed with MS plates in a cylindrical shape, and the sunshade had been made of MS framework clad with glossy ACP sheets.

The frontage area, entrance, and reception feature the principal façade with large strips of full-height toughened glazing fixed in an inclined manner for lighting purposes. It was constructed as a luxury oceanliner reminiscing on the client’s ancestry of boat owners and was constructed out of MS rods and SS cables. White and cream shades have been used to provide ample light and ventilation, and to minimize heat penetration. A double-height shed in the main process area is constructed to accommodate large linear plants, while the roof is made from polycarbonate sheet panels for additional top lighting.  The side facades have been made of MS corrugated sheet skin walls staggered to allow air inlet at the lower levels of the factory.

The office on the first level is well-ventilated with a large balcony that gives a commanding view of the double-height factory production shed. Large openings on the rear façade ventilate the ground-floor and canteen. Windows have been replaced by fixed glass louvers installed in a granite frame to invite light and air. Also, the underground basement of 2560 sq ft contains large tanks for treated rainwater storage and effluent water treatment machinery. An elevated high-volume MS corrugated sheet roofing is provided to allow warm air escape supported on a structural portal frame.

Extensive rainwater catchment facilities are in place to preserve and reuse water runoff using a cluster of PVC chains from the roof down to a stone-pebbled pit on the ground level.