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Luxury highlights for Mumbai penthouse

New Delhi-based Sanjyt Syngh Design Studio has designed the Luxury Penthouse in Mumbai, which is the private wing of a 20,000 sq. ft. penthouse spread over three floors of a high-rise building.

Conceived as a single volumetric form, light and design heighten the feel of luxury. A muted color palette has been chosen for the living and bedroom space, brightened up with purple and black cushions, comfortable seating, and a glass center table. Beautifully-patterned curtains, a fancy lighting fixture, and grey carpeting lend a visual elegance to the one-room space ending with a luxuriously deep bed, a purple couch, and a set of silver-grey closets.

The dining space with a single monochrome-striped armchair in contrasts of light and dark greys is lit up by a set of lamps and flower vases. Illuminated by a row of tiny lights, the corridor is kept clean and minimalistic with a side table occupied by knick-knacks. Mirrors visually enlarge the space, which is spacious in itself because of the neutral color scheme.

Bright white with gold accents makes up the design palette of the large bathroom, with two large mirrors fitted across the walls. The glass shower area peeks out from behind a floor-to-ceiling window offering the cityscapes of South Mumbai.