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Low-E material palette for Gurgaon residence

Delhi-based architecture and design firm Studio Crypt has designed the Khwabgaah, a residential project in Gurgaon. The low emissivity (Low-E) project was designed for a family of four individuals, reflecting their unique personalities and aesthetic style. It was to be a haven for the adolescent children and visiting elderly parents, a display of their art and family collections and a social hub for their friends yet incorporate a sustainable design. The basic builder plan was modified to allow larger hall spaces in the living room, master bedroom with a study, an open kitchen-dining area and toilets.

Thick Indian yellow marble skirting was used on the barren walls to highlight the exquisite art and handicraft collection by the client. Low-E materials have been used for the project, with reclaimed timber for new furniture requirements. Recycled wall glazed tiles, recycled Indian black limestone, recycled mirror, recycled bottle glass, cement IPS, brass, handprinted Jaipuri tiles, natural untreated hued limestone, and yellow Indian marble are the important materials used. Raw stone floors, cement, and Jaisalmer flooring are important features, with tiles and brass for the kitchen and bar. Each of the toilets has a recycled cupboard door, while there is a bookshelf wrapped around the staircase as requested by the client.

Materials for the book display, display kitchen, toilet wall tiles and the scattering of floor chips reminiscent of The Big Bang Theory were locally-sourced and used recycled waste for an innovative material palette and textural finish. Floors and furniture required three months of in-situ construction via on-site sampling due to its customized and experimental nature. The client’s heirloom furniture adds a nostalgic touch to the project as well.