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Lights, action, cinema in Mumbai theatre

Gurugram-based architecture and design firm consultancy firm ivpartners has designed the ICON Cinema in Mumbai. The client brief was to regenerate the 40,000 sq ft facility with signature contemporary features, derived from the magnetic line vectors.

The pre-function area encompasses a suspension chandelier fabricated in glass tubes and brass, which is achieved through a branding portal configured with large seamless LED television playing media and movie promotions. The ticket, e-ticketing and information experience are included as well, with the main ticket box with a reception counter with a marble bulkhead and LED display. The design follows a magnetic line field contrived with dark brown and light beige Italian marble across the counter front and flooring.

The arrival space has a staggered ribbon line flowing from the counters and extending to the ceiling and flooring. The ceiling hosts a collection of varied lighting elements in a range of soft amber lighting, strip lighting, and LED-based coves. Golden mirrors and high-gloss with wood laminate finish comprise the lux design language.

A concession is centrally located amidst the F&B configurations, with cream marble counters and brass display suspensions. The halo and soft cove lighting accentuate the double-height space with etched brass in a barcode pattern forming the backdrop. Opposite to the concession space, the seating area is assembled inside alcoves below rakes. A callout was designed in the deep recessed bays, which rolls out like a carpet and resembles a canopy in the ceiling. The lounge space has linear marble seats running parallel to a large circular tan leather ottoman and accent wing chairs.

The entry doors are flagged with paneled hat ceilings with high-gloss wood finish and strip lights to house auditorium numerals. CNC-cut metal inlay on the main doors creates a welcoming appearance, complementing the waterfall glass tube chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. They are finished in metallic mother-of-pearl on 3D-textured boards. The washrooms are a combination of black and crème with antique gold glass on the vanity walls. The project utilized the existing service locations to ensure minimum reconfigurations.