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Kaleidoscopic yet minimalist design for Gurgaon office

New Delhi-based architecture firm Group DCA designed Nando’s Office, a commercial office in Gurgaon. Spanning 377 sq.m, the client needed a vibrant yet minimalist space that would align with their young and dynamic team. The firm had to discard the stereotypes associated with corporate workspaces and focus on a modern color and design strategy to manifest the organization’s aesthetic sense of art.

The firm transformed the erstwhile long, linear stretch to a wide reception area that illustrated the team’s cheerful temperament with eclectic seating, colorful carpets and rugs, a circular coffee table and a swing. Front windows planned in a North-South orientation play a major role in the structure as it maximizes space to accommodate a larger number of people. Biophilic design has been incorporated through the use of glass windows to exploit maximum sunlight while minimizing glare. The glass doors bring in natural light as well, doing away with the concept of artificially-lit corridors. Regular lighting is only permitted only after dark. Much of the seating furniture has been crafted out of recyclable material that had been discarded when renovating the restaurants.

The corridor is divided into colorful and interactive spaces through intelligent workspace arrangement. One is free to work in individual, co-working or open workspaces as per their wish. The cafeteria dining table can be converted into a ping-pong table by the staff during their free hours. A boardroom at one end of the corridor is situated behind a glass wall and is built with brick and cement.

The flooring has been done up in grey cement and furnished with handcrafted and locally-sourced carpeting. Being a patron of local South African art, Nando’s Office is embellished with curated regional art pieces that have been highlighted with accent lighting from the ceiling. Thus, the amalgamation of art and soft music perfectly exhibits the functional yet vivacious spirit at Nando’s Office.