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Commission:Sanjay Puri Architects

The Ishatvam 9 residential building is situated on a small plot and the apartments have been designed to occupy a complete floor, opening out on all sides. Each room and all the internal spaces extend into private sheltered open spaces.

The apartments are designed with minimal internal circulation; a large centrally located living and dining area gives access to all the other rooms. The layouts are designed keeping in mind the social habits of the people in the city, as the living room becomes the focal place within the house.

In addition, each apartment has been provided with 20 per cent open area as extensions to the internal spaces, maximizing the flow of natural light and air into the flats, as well as facilitating cross ventilation to every room. Therefore, this urban high rise tower affords its users the openness of the low-rise structures that they have been used to living in.
The large twisted balcony spaces have become a design attraction of the project; they project out diagonally, as a result of which each balcony becomes partially open to the sky akin to a completely open terrace. They also create a sculptural quality for the building.

The project recently won the Society of American Registered Architects Award, the World Architecture Community Award, LEAF Awards, and the American Architecture Prize.