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Fusion restaurant for intercultural couple

Mumbai-based architecture and design firm Saniya Kantawala Design has designed D’Two States, a fusion restaurant based in Thane, which is an amalgamation of the different cultural identities of a couple. Designed for a Maharashtrian-and-Punjabi couple, the restaurant celebrates their cultural heritage on a visually aesthetic yet gustatory level.

Spread over 1000 sq. ft. across two floors, the restaurant has a cherry red arched doorway with handpainted Warli art and Phulkari motifs. Sharp white interiors attract one’s attention, with walls on the left adorned with backlit laser cut panels depicting Warli art with a central panel designed with the traditional Paithani sari in red and green. Backlit laser-cut Phulkari art contrasts with the same on the right side complete with a draped white and gold Lucknowi sari and Punjabi turbans.

The central walkway leads up to the bar designed with intricate handpainted artwork on the floor tiles. Paithani and Lucknowi fabrics have been used to lay the bar for the visual touch of authenticity. Traditional thalis act as bar shelves accompanied by the Maharashtrian ‘Laman diyas’ (lanterns) to represent peace and prosperity – extending to the ceiling.

Curved staircases on either side of the bar leading up to the mezzanine floor, both of which showcase the traditional dance forms – Lavni and Bhangra, against the gold and white interiors. Traditional jewelry elements such as the ‘nath’ and ‘kada’ are kept in wooden frames on the mezzanine wall. The wall pattern in gold and off-white and the light fixtures create an illusion of light beams. Apart from dining chairs and tables, the seating space features ‘khatiyas’ woven by fabric ropes, embroidered cushions, brass, and copper tableware.