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Eco-friendly planning for Hyderabad office

Hyderabad-based architecture and design firm Vistaar Associates have designed the Rent A Space co-working office, which allowed both individuals and small teams to connect and operate within a creative space. The client wanted to make it an affordable structure spread over 2500 sq. ft.

Old jute sacks used as blinds, un-plastered walls, iron trusses, and beams, exposed wiring and packing wood give a rustic impression. The packing wood was bought in kilograms, termite-proofed, and used for partitions and cladding. M.S. perforated grills were used along the partitions. Windows were strategically placed to prevent daylight glare on computer screens yet minimize the need for artificial light. Track lights illuminated the space due to the absence of a ceiling, and the firm used individual five-star split air-conditioners as an eco-friendly option. The small pantry was designed with graffiti and a blackboard to spread the flow of creativity. Due to its eco-friendly design, the entire project was achieved at a construction cost of ₹500 per sq. ft.

Plain rectangular spaces were broken into angles, which creates pockets of desks that give privacy. Thus, one can develop a structured work schedule in your office space, with a formal conference room for meetings. There is an additional option to rent an entire room for teamwork. It was a challenge in achieving the number of desks, privacy, adequate storage and a sense of belongingness all in one space. A raw and industrial finish was used for the rooftop, while the firm simultaneously worked on the outer walls.