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Circles symbolize eternity at Tuticorin memorial

Bengaluru-based architecture and design firm Ossa Architects have designed the Arun Memorial in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. The memorial has been constructed in the memory of Mr. Arun Prabhu, by his father Mr. D. Chandran. Designed in the shape of a circle, it represents eternal infinity, timelessness, and focus.

The 5000 sq ft space has been elevated using circles of various diameters in a repetitive pattern, and Arun’s photograph has been strategically placed to ensure a focal point along the central axis. The colonnaded circular podium is at the center using circular paired columns. The tomb is covered on three sides with screen walls and vertical linear stilts. The podium is adorned with flowers in planter boxes at the bottom of the stilts.

An octagonal skylight in the circular roof of the central podium allows natural light and raindrops to reach the tomb. The memorial chamber is circular from the outside and octagonal from the inside, which takes us through the memory lane of Arun’s life. The soft from the aperture light adds to the ambiance of remembrance. A guestbook is placed in the chamber for bereaved loved ones to remember their memories of Arun.