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Bengaluru building redesigned as studio

Bengaluru-based architecture M9 Design Studio designed its studio, M9 Workspace, as a part of a renovation project. The Bengaluru studio wanted a space that motivated their staff to be productive, yet allowed their clients to savor their style of architecture and design. Sourced by the organization itself, the studio is located in the verdant Industrial Suburbs of Bengaluru adjoining the famous Mysore Sandal Soap Factory.

The studio was designed in a formerly unused attic space housed in a 20-year-old (120 feet long and 20 feet wide) building, which has been entirely renovated to look like brand-new. The attic now features a two-storeyed loft-like workplace complete with cement-finished walls and steel trusses. There is a metal staircase that provides for a private discussion-cum-model-making space. Carefully placed cabinets and bookshelves add a touch of candor to the atmosphere, where everything is highlighted in its natural self. Also, the steep sloping roof permitted us to install a mezzanine loft beneath the rafters for extra space. The hexagonal-shaped flooring pattern keeps the atmosphere lively and cheerful as well.

One of the interesting features in the studio constitutes the array of brightly-colored artwork on the walls, which reflects the happy-go-lucky team’s in-house activities. Quirky illustrations depicting scales, proportions, materials such as helmets, trolleys, and ladders have been cleverly exaggerated to exemplify the role that they play in our lives.