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Bengaluru café and bar grabs the eye

Photo credits: Dhruv and Daddy Bangalore

This two-storeyed café and bar in Bengaluru draws upon Grecian themes to reflect vitality and virility. Daddy spans 18,000 sq ft including a terrace and has been designed by Chromed Design Studio. Ar. Abhigyan Neogi has responded to the client’s specific brief to create a space that straddles ancient and pop culture and has geometric flooring patterns to hold together the methodology.

Motifs that are in circular cut outs and quirky graphics on walls break the monotony expected from a bar. A panelled wall marks the entrance with colorful posters.

The design is classified into three zones: Private (PDRs), Semi-Private (Balcony, Terrace) and Public (Bar). The segregation between these spaces is seamless with circular voids juxtaposed in walls and grand sturdy doors made in wood and glass. This partition wall with circular voids between dining and bar area is fabricated to unify the whole floor. These circular cutouts are accessorized with unique lighting elements circumscribed by rings.


The public zone has a soft color scheme including rose pink and aqua blue with artworks on various elements of design on the walls.

The PDRs zone, on the right, includes various human figures repositioned in metallic frames on patterned walls. Few dangling sculptural pieces illuminate the tables beneath. Colorful design elements placed in bookshelves add a pop vibe to the overall aesthetic value.

On the other side of the public zone is the bar area where a long serpentine bar showcasing Greek figures inside a glass fascia serves as the showstopper of the expanse. Black and white terrazzo tile flooring is used in this area. Egg crates upon the ceiling add to a surprise element for patrons.

A sleek gleaming balcony in the front, with monochromatic pattern tile flooring creates a feeling of hallucination. The lighting here replicates unusual bird configurations brightening up the space.

Bestowing a lush, fresh and vibrant vibe to the ambiance is the terrace. Its lucid and moderate persona is assimilated through serene furniture and minimalistic use of material lending an unconstrained and breezy spirit to the atmosphere. Plants are hung from pendant lights with an aim of infusing connectivity between the built environment, the users and the natural environ circumscribed.