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Atriums promote natural daylight at Guwahati mall

New-Delhi based architecture and design firm Design Forum International has designed the Guwahati City Centre, to recreate a mall-based retail in urban spaces. It is wisely located as a retail bridge between the two busiest roads in the Guwahati – the Guwahati-Shillong Road and the Zoo Road. Spanned over eight floors and a basement, it encompasses high-ens retail showrooms, theatres and offices with a sweeping area of 40,000 sq m.

Mechanical parking has been incorporated to accommodate 400 passenger vehicles and 100 two-wheelers. Such a step was essential to preserve the water table recorded to be 0.5 m below the site level, and attain the mandatory norms of 40 per cent ground coverage and 2.25 FAR. Almost 45 m in width and 250 m in depth, the skewed-linear shape of the mall accentuates the unparalleled view of the setting.

Continuously-punctured atriums divide the spaces into long hollow corridors or an arrangement of rectangular blocks, depending on one’s interpretation. They provide to be a respite for the retail spaces by achieving equal access to daylight and large open space. As homage to the sun, the atrium is a breathtaking display of the socio-economic connectivity and vantage points of the space. Reinterpreting the traditional courtyard planning, the atrium is succeeded by a sculpture-like oval atrium.

Public spaces facing the atrium and plaza at the entrance of the G.S. Road have constructed, keeping the generally pleasant weather in mind.  One can approach the entrance via the plaza and not hinder the road traffic. Such spaces transform into central venues for craft or flea markets during festivals. A centrally-located terrace garden is the centerpiece of the landscaped exteriors.

Different experiences such as high-street apparel and retail, luxury goods boutiques, fine dining and a food court are brought together in a vernacular format. The aesthetics include a shifting rhythm of squares, courtyards, and alleyways.  Retail spaces are situated on the ground and first floor, food courts and beverages zone with some retail centers on the second floor, and the multiplex are located on the third floor.