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Angular geometrical structure for Bengaluru office

Bengaluru-based architecture and design firm InFORM Architects have designed the Corporate Office PBS & Sons. The project was developed with the motive to accommodate the Director’s cabins, conference rooms, and offices for the support staff. Located on the main road to Hampi, the client wanted a project with excellent visual appeal.

The firm added character to the monotonous-looking site spanning 25,182 sq ft using geometry, profile, and fenestration. The eclectic yet geometrically-bound assemblage of cabins was organized along the articulated spine of varying dimensions with voids that link the floors in sections. A twisting stair makes its way up the floors naturally lit through a large opening covered with red polycarbonate panels. The varying intensities of red light that fall on the stair geometry & black floors create a vibrant ambiance within the interior street. To welcome in the views of the distant hills, the two main floors were raised on a quasi-stilt space that accommodates the reception & open meeting areas. Every cabin is designed with large windows & balconies to receive natural light & ventilation. Each of the rooms is spacious with separate workspaces, display shelves & a lounge. The deep-set function spaces & roof-top insulation combined with performance glazing helps maintain thermal comfort within the interior.

An RCC-framed structure with conventional shuttering systems for the inclined RCC wall and structural elements was used to cut design costs. The entire form was broken up into a geometrical structure that was precise yet simple. Due to its angular geometry and materials, PBSS imparts a unique identity to the corporate office.