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Aluminum grillwork fenestration façade for Coimbatore residence

Photographer: Prithvi

Chennai-based architecture and design firm Triple O Studio have designed the Yahvi Residence, where the client brief was to design a space with open green spaces to facilitate lighting and ventilation with three built forms.

Designed with both traditional and modern beliefs, the cantilevered entrance portico leads to a large veranda. Open-able fenestration with aluminum grill work form the façade emphasizing on light and ventilation depending on the user’s need.

Common spaces of interaction such as the living and dining areas feature on the ground floor opening into a central courtyard. Constructed with a thinnai (raised platform), the courtyard is a perfect focal space for social gatherings. Lined with Athangudi tiles, it contributes to adequate natural lighting as well. Visual fluidity is imparted due to the absence of walls. Peacock-inspired interiors and motifs have been introduced, while a cantilevered staircase gives the visual impression of levitation without external support.