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Agile workspace in collaboration with Featherlite

Furniture courtesy: Featherlite

Mumbai-based architecture and design firm DSP Design Associates has designed the Samsing R&D Institute India in Bengaluru. In collaboration with Featherlite, the workspace is spread over an area of 4 lakh sq. ft. The project foresees a trend in flexible working that allows employees to combine productivity with their personalities at the worklace. Thus, it incorporates a future-forward spaces inculcating sophistication while promoting a fun and learning environment.

Comprising nine floors with a ground floor and two basement levels, the central idea pivots around the integration of new workplace trends and design with an in-depth understanding of the company culture. Work cafes, break out zones, scrum areas, social hubs, gymnasium, HR rooms, training rooms, recreation centers, laboratories, cafeterias, and formal meeting rooms are spaced across the landscape on each floor. Abiding by vernacular office spaces, there are training rooms, team discussion zones and activity-based work settings for specific tasks and needs throughout the day.

A biophilic design adds the contemporary corporate value, with equal emphasis on privacy, engagement, and collaboration. There is a major shift from cubicles to linear workstations to perk up the interest levels of the millennial generation and motivate them to exchange ideas in a variety of settings. Activity-based working areas and themed cafes only add to the foundation of new-age office design.

Launched by Featherlite, the office furniture has been chosen carefully to supplement the need for augmented productivity. “Genesis iWork’ and ‘Genesis POD’ are high-performing private workstations exclusively planned for the in-between spaces in corporate environments. On the other hand, the ‘Synergy’ workstation’ presents innovative ideas to maximize an organized, versatile and welcoming ambiance. Helix, the task chair, is fitted with a multi-lock seat sliding mechanism that offers superior support for the perfect ergonomic posture. Amaze incorporates a self-calibrating mechanism that adapts to the user’s body weight to offer optimum resistance without any manual adjustment.