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A house for all ages

An open-air theatre, gymnasium, spa, library lounge and entertainment zone – all sprawled across a basement plus three-floor mansion in Ahmedabad – meet the needs of this joint family spanning three generations.

Built on 12,000 sq ft, this six-bedroom home is designed by Ahmedabad-based Saransh Architects & Interior Designers. Krupesh Thakkar House is home to the MD of a renowned Indian laminate company. Vastu principles have been adhered to as the fundamental design approach.

Members of the family are art, music, sports and entertainment enthusiasts and therefore the house has large spaces dedicated to different activities. Common areas like formal living, lounge and dining space open into a front garden, as requested by the family which frequently entertains guests and hosts parties.

These fall adjacent to a public road beside which the property is situated. Together with the private spaces built in the quieter area behind, there is enough space for residents to be together and yet maintain their individual identities.

The gymnasium, spa and library lounge are on the first floor with the latter having a central skylight and a view of the landscaped east garden, through a glass facade. The floor above houses the open-air theatre for more boisterous forms of entertainment for the whole family.