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A duplex spun around the factor of height

This four bedroom duplex apartment in Malad, Mumbai was imagined into a space with minimized barriers. This ‘no barriers’ concept primarily encompasses the strategy of imparting massiveness to a space. To achieve that, AUM architects used elements such as French windows or doors to add up to the core concept.

At the onset of space design, the entrance door is done with a collation of dark and light wooden veneer for a minimalist and modernist approach. The design, then, meanders one’s way into the common living and dining area. With lime-toned blinds for separation from the entrance lobby, and with a false ceiling above the dining, minimalism is maintained. The living cum dining provides an access to a contemporary island kitchen that houses an open window to provide visual connectivity.

On the upper floor, to the more private sectors of the residence, assets such as a flight of birds installed along the wall of the staircase introduces the idea of ‘verticality’. The family lounge and the three themed bedrooms rest on this floor. The master bedroom possesses floor-to-ceiling windows. One of the other two bedrooms with steel and glossy finish is inspired by the theme of ‘Steam punk’, a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

The mandir is done with intricate details like the traditional jaali, inculcated with LED lights and green turf flooring. The project mainly is hinged around the factor of height, each space even though has its own distinct assets, have been well married with the unifying factor of proportion to redeem the enormity of height.