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300 bulbs create a canopy of golden lights in Hyderabad lounge

Hyderabad-based architecture and design firm Urban Zen has designed Flashblack, a multi-level lounge and bar. Spread over 15,000 sq ft, the project required a design that catered to multiple tastes in a grey-toned theme highlighted with artistic intricacies depicting nostalgia.

A quirky environment was thus designed with bold interiors, warm colour palette and engaging graffiti. Each portion aims to grasp the attention of the visitor by providing an inclusive ambience. The lounge and bar distributes its spaces from the second floor to the terrace level. With a façade accomplished in pinewood, each floor possesses a distinct design perception displaying intimate entertainment.

Upon entering the second floor, the visitor is welcomed by a double-heighted space that imparts magnanimity to the space. The bar zones are differentiated from the lounge areas by its vibrant epoxy floor finish and a back-lit display. Human-inspired graffiti gives an offbeat look, while the extensive use of wood and ambient lighting radiates warmth. Mild steel frames and black Tandur flooring for the double-height pockets supplement the bar with redefined modernism.

The other portion is divided into lounges with dimmed yellow lighting to ensure a comfortable experience. Mirroring the grey tiled flooring in its soft furnishings, the lounge utilises a profuse amount of wood in its pinewood frames and the instilled décor. The design furthers on the mezzanine and terrace floors, with an accentuated mosaic pattern on the walls. The colourful design breaks the monotony of the dark-themed décor along with wooden massing and green wall installations.

The mezzanine floor features epoxy flooring and mild steel structuring, similar to the second floor. However, the decorative pendant pattern on the ceiling makes it stand out, along with acoustic treatment and DGU glazing.

The next level presents varied indoor and outdoor seating configurations, while the bar houses deck wood flooring and vintage light fittings. Featuring illuminated neon art on the walls, the outdoor seating areas are bound by mild steel frames with 300 bulbs to create a canopy of golden lights. The culminating level comprises two semi-open seating areas and a private lounge, with the ceiling done up in cone lighting and three-dimensional art in blue and yellow.