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1978 Kolkata bungalow retrofitted into a design studio

Kham Consultants, Kolkata, designed a 2,500 sq ft three-storey bungalow into Studio Kham, a design office in a modern avatar. A 500 sq ft ground floor consisting of two rooms, office reception and conference area is separated by salvaged teak wood slats with terracotta-colored logo. An open studio of 583 sq ft is planned on the first floor and aluminum sliders which had been used in place of the five original teak wood windows have been restored to wood and glass shutters. The top floor consists of a material library, model making workshops, pantry and adjacent balcony.

Origami-inspired shapes and forms in colors of concrete and wood define the furniture style. The staircase is transformed using new-age materials into vertical design elements linking the three floors; old dilapidated steps are replaced with solid planks of interlocked sal wood.

The indoor space has a contemporary concrete-wood-glass palette with highlights of salvaged teak wood and aluminum sliders with wood and glass shutters.

The reception table is designed with scrap lumber wood. Efficient installations are installed with the objectives of energy optimization, flexibility of space planning, use of environment-friendly materials and construction techniques.