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South Indian architectural style for Bengaluru retail store

Bengaluru-based Somaya & Kalappa Consultants has designed the Angadi Heritage Project, where the aim was to build a luxury retail showroom in Bengaluru with influences from ancient traditional architectural styles of Southern India.

The south Indian Dravidian architecture and its associated styles like Chola and Vijayanagar temple architecture were the source of inspiration for the design and was interpreted in a modern context throughout the showroom building. The idea was to develop an independent identity for the building, derived from multiple architectural sources all the while giving utmost attention to detail.

The basic theme behind the project was “Indian Luxury” in a modern, present-day context while giving equal importance to art. It must reflect the legacy of Angadi Heritage and introduce visitors to its history, textiles and products. The main concept for the showroom was a Jewel Box implemented with the exterior designed as a grand treasure box which upon opening would reveal the treasures in the form of the resplendent silk sarees and other merchandise. The richness of the exterior façade stone cladding and the use of brass bring a sophistication and elegance to the façade.