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Repetition, rhythm, and illusion for London homeware store

London-based Brinkworth Design has designed the Fornasetti retail store, which was to showcase the brand’s whimsical spirit through a retail store that plays with illusion and abundance.

The 750 sq. ft. space contains many signature Fornasetti elements, which reflect its heritage homeware identity, such as the image of Queen Lina on a porcelain plate, which is adorned with symbols of Britain from all eras. Bespoke wall cabinets suggest abundance with dozens of cubbyholes to store Fornasetti’s unique handmade pieces. An illusion is created by inset angled mirrors, adding perspective to the structure. Hidden flush rotating bases enable the customer to examine the products from all angles.

A mid-floor cabinet topped with dielectric glass theatrically highlights the displays when set from transparent to opaque. Thus, one experiences the tricks of perspective, movement, and light. Stained ash timber cabinetry and terrazzo flooring form a warm material palette that harks back to its Italian roots. Forest green and turquoise staining bring out the timber’s book-matched grain, contrasting with Fornasetti’s colorful pieces. The space thus embodies the whimsical essence of Fornasetti through repetition, rhythm, and illusion.