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North Pacific zing for Seattle sportswear store

Seattle-based Heliotrope Architects has designed the Filson Seattle, where the client brief was to represent the rigorous and lasting spirit of this 120-year-old outdoor sportswear brand.

Inspired by the ethos of the brand, the design team, in collaboration with the Filson creative group and a team of builders, crafts people and fabricators, created a 6400 sq. ft. space sharing the same level of quality and integrity as the product Filson sells.

The store is above a factory at ground level, that manufactures the brand’s bag, luggage and accessories. Large windows on the first floor overlook the factory, giving consumers a more hands-on experience. The store is designed in an industrial style but with plenty of rustic wood features in upcycled local lumber, ironwork, decorative  bicycles and even a taxidermied bobcat and a totem pole.

The architectural character of Filson’s stores represents the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. This is done by using a natural color palette of bottled greens, tinted blacks, and brown and earthy colors. Local craftsmen were  employed to express the brand’s identity through materiality.

Taking cues from inspiration as  diverse as Jack London’s Call of the Wild, the mysterious nooks and crannies found in Victorian Era natural history museums, and the hyper-scaled images found in the photographs of Darius Kinsey, the elements of the design work together like a timeline bringing the visitor to different moments and places from the Filson story book.