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Life-like environment for study

Ørestad College, Denmark
3XN Architects, Denmark
Photos: Adam Mørk
Design brief and aim:
The intention was to build the students’ abilities gradually to take responsibility for their own learning, from being able to work in teams as well as working individually.
How this was accomplished
Ørestad was the first college in Denmark based on the new visions of content, subject matter, organization and learning systems in the reform of the educational system of the Danish ’high-school‘ (gymnasium). The project displays a visionary interpretation of openness and flexibility regarding team sizes, varying from individual over groups to classes and assemblies.
Four boomerang-shaped floor plans were rotated to create the superstructure which forms the overall frame of the building; the four study zones occupy one floor plan each. The rotation opens a part of each floor to the vertical tall central atrium and forms a zone that serves as a community space and expresses the college’s ambition for interdisciplinary education. The organization of spaces is flexible and enables different teaching and learning spaces to overlap and interact with no distinct borders.
Happily ever after
The space aims at achieving a more dynamic and life-like study environment and introducing IT as a main tool.