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Curved and colorful frames for Bengaluru retail

Bemgaluru-based Kumar Consultants has designed Boutique Priya, which was to create a youthful ambience that is informed in its setting and infuses creativity in the space.

A 600 sq. ft. boutique, the space is designed to showcase the work of a young graduate from NIFT, Chennai. Fabric, color, display systems, and a dynamic interior table are used to respond to festivals and special occasions. A series of curved frames connect and terminate the display section to hold folded and hanging garments. The frames also double as structures from which theme-based motifs may be displayed such as flowers for weddings, diyas for Diwali, kites for the kite festival, stars for Christmas, baby clothes for an expectant mother, and so on, making the interior a dynamic space that changes with the mood of the time.

The concept is further detailed to direct the visual experience from the moment one enters the boutique. A centrally-positioned entrance door of colored fabric opens onto an uncluttered space, and, through the repetition of its form, automatically draws the eye to the colored and curved frames on the ceiling, which support the accessories of the season. The line of vision then moves on to the display of garments. The other elements of the design serve as secondary points of interest and curiosity; pin-ups of the sketches made for the garments, an easel to display a painting done by the young designer, or her clients, old mirror frames reused and converted to frame money plants on an M.S. window grill, old painted steel trunks, and a painting by a graphic designer friend. The space is rendered informal through its flooring, brick walls, bean bags and the colored polycarbonate chairs.