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Blend of Rajasthani and Art Deco architecture for Jodhpur retail

New Delhi-based Architecture Discipline has designed the Forest Essentials retail space in Jodhpur, which was to transform a tiny, old-city residence into a 750 sq. ft. retail space as part of the JDH Urban Regeneration Program, using an adaptive reuse technique.

The northern façade is masked in Cor-Ten steel corresponding to the color and texture of the regional red sandstone. The metal has been selected for its ability to change its appearance with time, allowing the building to respond to changing weather conditions and the environment. A Brazilian flame creeper climbing up the façade contrasts with the metal scrim.

The interiors are done in a pastel-green color scheme belonging to the brand’s festive catalog, with brass and gold elements inherent to the Art Deco style and the traditional interior finishes of Jodhpur. The interactive product display is physically manoeuvrable and painted gold against the green backdrop. The floor is conceived in hand-cut and wax-polished linoleum, adapted from an old mosaic-inspired flooring pattern. Brass accents break the floor into modules, while a golden spiral staircase takes visitors to the upper level.

Furnishings in velvet and suede add a plush feel to the space with brass and gold for the structural frames. Customized technical track lights sculpted in brass boast of a vintage aesthetic and retro era. The branding and signage on the windows use the age-old vernacular gold painting techniques of Jodhpur. The retail space is an amalgamation of Art Deco and the rich cultural heritage of Jodhpur, establishing a connection between tourists and the brand.