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Repair décor, a twist of style with chic

By: Des. Bhawana Bhatnagar, Founder, Casa Exotique

Nowadays, people are finding time spent working on home décor relaxing, not because it takes less energy but serves an amicable environment too. From organizing the interior to getting rid of clutter, decorating one’s home by repairing the old items lead to a beautiful and balanced place to live. Further, with the increasing focus on sustainability, people are willing to utilize old or extra items in their houses to create an interior with lots of zing. Many interior designers are taking an active part in reducing waste, and shifting to reusable and sustainable materials for home décor.

Indeed, decorating the living space can be challenging, as it might require extra bucks to buy household accessories. However, reusing the old or extra materials makes the room more spacious and airy without causing a hole in the wallet. Using existing pieces and elements that can manifest the personalized space with eco-conscious and that is what repair décor about. Look for pieces in good condition or items with great bones that can be mended to a sterling element.

Suitcase as room furniture

Appreciated by many, a vintage piece has its charm and history, and among them is a suitcase. Surviving wear and tear of travel over the years, a suitcase should be a part of DIY restoration on the interior as a memory of longevity. Incorporating an old suitcase as home furniture can be enthralling. Transform the stack of an old suitcase into a perfect accessory by painting a shabby yet a chic coat of white and placing a complimenting add-on at the top, and there is a vintage side table ready.

Baskets as Décor

Nothing beats a basket when it comes to the storage of laundry, toys, firewoods, newspapers, and magazines or any other items. Still, there are different things in which a basket can be assimilated for house embellishing. Moreover, it can be a great alternative to a typical plain wall by creating a lovely and worldly vibe with the basket. In addition to this, it can also become a wall-mount shelf using a wooden board placed in between it.

Whimsical wind chimes with old keys

To bring some soothing sounds in the living space a whimsical wind chime is one of the best options. And further, a wind chime can be designed in a variety of sizes and styles. Rather than buying, craft a rustic chime mingling the old keys that invite a soft ambient and melodious sound in the home. Imagine yourself sitting on the sofa, enjoying reading a book and a gentle breeze sweeps over accompanied by the soft tinkle of chimes, isn’t it alluring?

Repurposing glass jar into a vase

Well, it is not mandatory to place a flower in a vase. Instead, one can plant it in any type of jar as long as the flower is well maintained. There are times when some extra glass jars are left in the storage room. Rather than throwing away those containers to the bin, repurpose it as a flower vase. It’s not only feasible but also beautifies the home. Place the glass jar with one’s favorite flower in the center of the dining table, corner of the window, or at the console table, to create a harmonious living space.

Wall hooks and handles from old spoons

Turning an old object to make something new is becoming extremely relevant today. The very nature of an accessory allows one to turn it into something new. Indeed, there are several ways to embrace the repair décor, and one of them is to turn old spoons into wall hooks and handles. By bending the cutlery to form a slight U-shape hook, placing it wall or replacing the cupboard handles will radiate an aesthetic look to the interior.